in your mind - the infinite universe of yoko ono  (Hardcover) Signed by author with bookmark

in your mind - the infinite universe of yoko ono (Hardcover) Signed by author with bookmark

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In Your Mind
The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono

558 pages

by Madeline Bocaro

(Hard Cover Edition - Signed by Madeline Bocaro, with bookmark)


An all-embracing look at Yoko Ono’s life and work, in stunning detail. This 558-page book is for anyone who is interested in learning about this extraordinary woman whom John Lennon loved. The incredible love story of John and Yoko is also explored in depth, along with her relationship to The Beatles.

If you have been misinformed, you will learn the truth. We visit Yoko’s inner and outer worlds. Her meanings and intent will come to light. You will be touched by her wit and wisdom, her genius and whimsy.

Yoko Ono’s enchanting philosophy and uplifting positivity are irresistible. She breaks down the boundaries between art and life. No other artist cares about us so much. Yoko shows us the truth – with sincerity, grace and humor. She enlightens us to our own superpowers.
Yoko’s work is unfinished – to be completed in your mind.

Her story expresses all the joys and suffering of an incredible lifetime.

Yoko’s eternal partnership with John Lennon is also unfinished. Read all about their eternal love story. Their work towards peace includes all of us. Yoko still believes in the power of dreaming together.

“… A hundred years from now
it’s Yoko Ono the world is going to remember,
not John Lennon or The Beatles.”
– Charlotte Moorman, Performance Artist, 1989
My Yoko Ono art collection:

Dreams, skies, smiles, love and wishes.
I breathe and dance every day.
I listen to the snow, see the wind, count the clouds and imagine peace.
What do you think my collection is worth?
I think it’s priceless!

  Madeline Bocaro
© Conceptual Books 2021


Some pre-publication reviews:

"Very beautiful. You always capture their spirit and vision. You tell her story so well and it’s very important that someone does. Yoko spent so much of her life being misunderstood and misrepresented. She is such a special person and artist, the world needs the record you are creating. I am amazed not only by how much you know about Yoko, but also how well you write about it. Thank you for what you are doing. It’s wonderful to see Yoko and her art celebrated."

- Dan Richter


"What a treasure trove of Yoko information!  Thank you for including Yoko’s own words. I am breathless just reading them. The cherry on top is her eternal positivity."


"Something I love about your writing style… It feels like one of the few holdouts for genuine fandom not corrupted by money or jockeying for social status, just a genuine love for the artist and her work."


"You have created a paradise for those of us needing Yoko’s wisdom in our own lives. Every day is filled with Yokoness thanks to you. Your stories have so much detail, with hidden surprises."


"This is definitely your doctoral dissertation on Yoko. You beautifully explain the myriad of facets that Yoko shows the world ... if our hearts and minds are receptive. I love your many insights. This one really speaks to me: “Yoko is like a polished gemstone – radiating after years of abrasion.” Many thanks for sharing your Yoko wisdom."


"Everything you have written is amazing, knowledgeable and enlightening. This is a work of beauty to be savored. I like to choose certain moments to read and writhe in blissful marvel."


"I’m blown away by the depth and breadth of your knowledge, as well as how elegantly you present it. As always your writing reaches the depths of Yoko’s soul and you bring us that as a precious gift. I feel so enlightened."


"You make your idol come alive. You write so skillfully and emotionally."


"Outstanding! One of the best biographies I have ever read… I stood up out of my seat and applauded. You’re wonderful!"


"I love Yoko so much thanks to you. You are so passionate whenever you write about her. I don’t know how you do all this music research and writing. So great."